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April 20, 2006



If only these debates where held in the major population areas Philly at Pitt. When they are all in a room together it is so clear who the people's candidate is.

Davey D

It was a great debate. How I wish Casey would agree to another. Even one of the Casey supporters sitting behind Sabra, Rob, and me shouted out "You can do it Bob!" after people in the crowd started chanting "More debates" to Casey as he stood smiling like an idiot on stage. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Casey is a fucking scaredy pussy.


Although I support Sandals, I stand with ya'll on this one we have got to find a way to get Bobby to debate atleast once more before the primary, and since Philly is largest, it should of course be here! C'mon Bob, BE BRAVE!


I just have one question, if Chuck helped all these people, like Tim Wirth and Tom Harkin, and was so valuable to their campaigns, why aren't any of them here helping him as surrogates? It's been, what, 30 months?

Just a thought.


Politics is a bitch, ain't it? You know how only a few Dems have come out strongly anti-war because they think they'll lose support/votes? I think they think the same way about Chuck's grassroots campaign, it very much throws them off, especially the fact that Chuck is not beholden to anyone nor any special interest aside from his PA constituents.

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