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April 20, 2006


chuck's supporters can be proud of their ability to clap and yell, but little else.


anon, you're funny, funny like a clown


I was wondering what happened to you and the camera. Too bad you couldn't get credentialed. Your photos are always the best.


It's sickening that Chuck's support comes from a group of people who have nothing better to do than rant and rave through the blogs. The candidate that you support is unrealistic and outrageous, it's almost as if he is running a Chucky Cult!

Casey is a Coward!

I've made my decision for the primary vote...The Sandals Campaign isn't out bad-mouthing other candidates or campaigns as Chucks people are, and they are enthusiastic because they know that Alan is going to stand up for what is right, just as he has been doing in courtrooms for over 20 years. Chuck, you are going down!

Let's see you inspect more bird crap on your car in Mt. Airy. Or were you looking in the mirror to make sure you weren't sweaty!

Did you know I got inside info that a Sandals volunteer is a student of Chucks!! How funny is that! Thanks JOE!


Albert, I think that shrieking person was my 6 year old son who attended the debate with me. Sadly, he hasn't learned proper debate etiquette yet.


Are you kidding? Please tell me you're kidding here. I see you've signed onto Alan's thought process that Chuck's ideas are unreasonable. The notion of a progressive tax rate for the top percentage is an old notion which thrived under Ike; then the rate was 90%+ and the rich still got richer. You think that it is reasonable that 25% of the population is in poverty and that it is unreasonable to mandate a federal living wage above $9 to lift people out from poverty? You sound unreasonable to me.

Maybe you haven't been paying close enough attention to Alan's campaign and how he speaks of Bob and Chuck. Oh wait, yes you are, you just called Chuck unreasonable, isn't that bad-mouthing? Chuck's been working grassroots for 33 years, I think it's great that Alan's been practicing law for 20 years; does Alan being a lawyer mean that Chuck doesn't stand up for what is right? Is that your reasoning?

And what the fuck are you talking about in regards to Mt. Airy? And I have some "inside info" about the Sandals campaign too. Ooooohh. What are you, in 3rd grade?


I would love to hear about your inside info on the Sandals campaign sometime, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, maybe you could change my mind, and my ARMY could then back Chuck, but until then, i doubt it.


I just thought that I would add...In my opinion, Chuck Pennacchio is just a MARGINAL CANDIDATE, his views are WAY OVER THE TOP. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that Chuck will win.


You're entitled to your opinion. And in my opinion, you're completely wrong.


So everyone else knows....this was me e-mail from Yee-Haw, the who-haw...LMAO!!!
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Why do you think Alan changed his views on abortion from limited parental consent which is a conservative viewpoint to no consent nor notification?

Here was my reply....
Have you ever changed your mind when you learn new information??? Or do you always support terrorists??? Many companies do, if you knew that they did, would you purchase their product?? That doesn't make him a bad guy because he realized his wrong and corrected it! For the record....my dad would have killed me if I had mentioned abortion in his presence!!! Not all teenage girls have college professors for parents! How would you feel if you were a politician and a young girl were killed on your watch???? Better yet, how would you feel if you were a teenager, and you had to face your abusive father to tell him that you wanted an abortion... think about it! That puts blood on your hands, Chuck's hands and All of the supporters hands! Maybe someday you and I will see eye to eye on a candidates issues, but not now my friend! Chuck is still just a Marginal Candidate!
Whether Alan Sandals changed his position or not, who cares....we all have changed our minds about one thing or another in life..that's what life is about, making a more informed decision, as you learn more! Is this the best dirt you can dig up??? You must do better, I have more and it will ALL be revealed along the way...stay tuned!


Hilarious Jenna. But what does terrorism have to do with things? Your correlation is pretty wacky. The problem with Alan changing his mind is he did it for the money, PAC money. Which other lobbyists will Alan roll over for?


None, but maybe you should ask Chuck how much he really cares! Could it be that Chuck's exaggerations of his campaigning procedures, have gone to his head??? Chuck is a NOBODY, just another college professor who is doesn't even care enough for his students education to take attendance in class!

Chuck has exaggereated so much that he has started to believe himself, and that is what SCARES me!

My point was...we all have changed our mind at one point in time or another, based on gaining NEW or more accurate information! I don't know what really happened and neither do you, once again someone else (Yee) sucked in by Chuck the Shop-Vac! Is he running a cult?


Jenna, where has Chuck exaggerated? Point them out, but don't just make accusations that you just spit out and your ad hominem attacks on Chuck aren't the way to go about things.

I actually do know some things that you obviously don't, but that really isn't your concern, you seem to be intent on smearing Chuck and his statewide effort. I'm not concerned with smearing Alan, he and Chuck are running against each other on issues which I find refreshing [with a few shots here and there both ways, but that's gonna happen] as opposed to Bob's stealth campaign. Let's keep this on point.

Cheer Alan on in his efforts, I'm fine with that. You don't need to just whine and whine and whine here about things that are irrelevant to the thread. Your comments are meandering all over the place with no grounding to my post nor my responses back to you so, if this trolling behavior continues, you'll see your comments moderated. Constructive criticism is one thing, what you're doing is beyond that. Please just take a step back for a sec; we're not enemies here, let's have a discussion.


I by no means am trying to become an enemy, yet I still believe that Chuck is Naive and Marginal!!! He's over the top extreme!

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