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April 24, 2006


you are kickin' ass and takin' names! good for you...


If they're going to identify you as a blogger, they should at least put a link to your site in the article. They did it for MyDD.


So there I am this morning, sitting in the Vet's waiting room with my sick little Frenchie thumbing through the Daily News (which I hardly ever buy, but for some reason did this morning) and...
'Hey, I know him!' I say to the stranger next to me.
'Well, I don't know him, but...'
'Oh, forget it...'

Yeah, so thanks to you some random woman with a sickly looking Siamese thinks I'm a lunatic! LOL

Cool article -good luck in breaking through the anti-Blogger barriers!

Brian R.

YEAH! FIX SHIT UP! New Blood! YA Albert!

Third parties now! Oppss did I just say that... :)

Reading your blog I wish you lived in my district. You'd like it here, REALLY. :)

Good-Luck with your candidacy! It will be good to have your inapporopriate language in blogs posted in the paper when you decide to run...maybe that is why they didn't mention where to find your blog!

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