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April 14, 2006



There's no way in hell I want to be a wedding photographer. I spent half of Sunday on location and 2 evenings last week (processing) preparing a family portrait from a set of 12 original shots. This doesn't include printing.

It was a bright sunny day, mid-day outdoor shot. I put the family in good light and spent those two evenings fixing up everything around them. $100 - which I thought was fair, considering it's coming down to a single shot out of a small set.

All in all, I'd rather not do any of that type of work.


i'm a photographer too--it would be sad to be a wedding photographer, i think. i turn those jobs down. most marriages do end up in divorce, if not unhappily ever after. i know a guy who just got married a few months ago, and is still seeing someone else! geez...it must be the city (new yawk). makes a girl wanna stay single.


The obvious answer: show up with a Polaroid camera and just hand them the shots at the end of the wedding. That's a $200 wedding photographer.


I am a wedding photographer and I have to say that anyone who would work for 8+ hours, hauling equipment, dealing with the cousin-wanna-be that asks a million questions while you work, and the drunk groomsmen deserves much more than $200. And that's just the wedding day...you still have to edit pictures and put together books. People just don't understand

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