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March 21, 2006



good description. two additional notes: often, CPs are involved in helping determine the endorsements made by their ward -- i.e., the ballot with suggested votes that is sent to registered party members a week or two before each election. some wards have meetings with candidates to help them decide; others are more authoritarian, with decrees from above; some appear democratic but only invite a subset of candidates to addresss their meetings. not all CPs follow the Ward guideline on endorsements, and instead circulate their own ballots and explanations.

also, while the position is unpaid, it does come with some degree of funding -- theoretically for printing of flyers, mailing of endorsement ballots to most frequent voters, etc. but you can imagine that a lot of such "walking money" ends up in donut funds or back pockets too. and that's before you get into the patronage perks of being "on the inside," if you're prone to such inducements.

of course, that's more the on-the-ground reality than the theoreticals. but since we're in the same Ward, I can guess what it's practical dimensions are...


Albert, I'm so glad you're doing this and telling us all about the process. I think just about every (even occasionally) political blog in Philly has linked to yesterday's post - me included.

Trust me, if you got kicked off the ballot, the noise from the local blogosphere will be absolutely deafening.

Keep up the great work. Good Luck.

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