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March 08, 2006


Austin in PA

It really sucks to see someone you respect jerked around.

It sucks even more to get your hopes up, then see 'em dumped. I was just getting really interested in the career path that could lead from being a Lt. Governor.


Albert, I whole-heartedly agree. Joe Hoeffel shouldn't run for some half-baked position...the guy nearly was a United States Senator for chissakes. He could have run against, and beat, Santorum (even though there are other good ones, but he would have kicked Casey to the curb). How can he do this? It's demeaning.


Just amplification...I don't think he should have run for fake gov. in the first place. He shoould step down, but not because he got kicked to the curb by Rendell (who kicked him to the curb earlier about the US Senate race). Ugh. What a mess...Dems once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


I heard a clip of the news conference, and Rendell and Hoeffel both rushed to say that Rendell couldn't have waved him off two weeks ago because Joe's support hadn't been demonstrated yet. Color me cynical, but I would not be surprised if they planned this from the start. Joe's not dumb; he knows Ed's major negative in the "T" portion of the state is that he's from Philly. This whole thing enabled Joe to get his name in the news and to show people like him. Even the possibility of his supporters feeling aggrieved is a potential bonus for him.

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