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March 03, 2006



That's a great idea Albert. I wish I could sign for you, but in lieu of that, best of luck!


that's awesome, Albert.


That's great that you're going for office in the party, Albert. Can you remind me what a committeeperson does again?


I mailed the paperwork to switch from Independent to Democrat on 2/1 and still don't have my new card, but I should still count. I live on the 500 block of S 9th so I'll sign if you want. I should be home after 8 tonight and around off and on all weekend.

Good Luck


I love this blog. You're doing the right thing. I live in center city. What type of help do you want?


Best wishes to you, Albert! I admire your spirit.


Antonia: The Committee of Seventy gives a good description here.

I suggest that anyone interested in starting in politics read the Committee's entire How to Run for Office series.

I'm down in Pennsport, so I can't help with the petition, but goo luck to you. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the local party!


Good luck Albert. I was urged by a few people in my neck of the woods to run for committeeman. I considered it but was held back by the fact that the county part will endorse candidates in the primary and as an officer of the party I would be obligated to work for that candidate. Of course Luzerne County will endorse Casey in the primary and I can't in good conscience work for him. I'm for Chuck. I hope things are different in Philly.


Thanks Gort! In my little pamphlet it states:
One fo the committeepeople's most important role is to recommend candidates to voters. This is important for low profile offices where voters have very little information about the candidates and in party primaries when there are many candidates running. The committeeperson should not simply rely on the decision of ward leaders, but make an independent and informed recommendation.
[Americans for Democratic Action]

I'll be gunning hard for Chuck all the way!


Ellen -- 500 block of south 9th is my division, 5:5. look for us (acm & RSM) in May! :)

and yes, Albert, half the point is to be an independent voice. my Ward leader sends a sample ballot with almost no rationale for the endorsements; I figure the least I can do is summarize what I know and help others feel like they have a reason to show up for small elections...


Good luck, Albert!


pretty great idea. Stick it to the man, or, take all expenses paid trips to golf courses.

It is indeed a win / win.

I am so mad that I can't sign but I am for sure asking around to see if I know anyone in the district. Where can people go if they want to sign?

Davey D

Best of luck Albert! Pennacchio supporters will take over the city!

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