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March 30, 2006



Well, as far as I know, SEPTA stations sure as hell are NOT private property. They are owned by the City, and leased to SEPTA, a public agency. In no way, whatsoever, are they private. And they probably would need an actual law passed that says you cannot take pictures, even if they do (but prob don't) have an assinine rule.

Big Al

This same thing happened to a friend of mine in a MARTA rail station in Atlanta - he was taking a macrophoto of an amusing sign on a token vending machine (some threat there) and a cop accosted him somewhat aggressively. We responded with astonished incredulity, and he said it was for "security reasons". He had no answer for how taking a photo of a 3 square inch sign that said "This is not a change machine" would compromise security."

In our non-reality based post 9/11 world, common sense and cause/effect doesn't mean much.

Davey D

Albert, stop endangering us with your photo-terrorism! While you so recklessly scan our subways with your "mind's eye" you make us all sitting ducks for Osama Bin Laden. Relinquishing your Constituional rights is a small price to pay for freedom.

P.S. Why do you hate America?


The feds threatened to take my memory card when they 'caught' me photographing some wall frescos on the 30th st. post office. I guess I was compromising national security by taking pictures of giant patriotic sculptures of bald eagles.

Terrence Ryan

Two or three years ago I was recording a student film at 24th and Market Streets and I could see 30th street station in the background. I was stopped by a plainclothed SEPTA detective, questioned for a few minutes, and then told to tape elsewhere.


It's ironic that you weren't even TAKING pictures. Sheesh. Harassment stories come up on the streetphoto list from time to time, and attorney Bert Krages seems to be the expert on such matters. Check out "The Photographer's Right" http://www.krages.com/bpkphoto.htm

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