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March 20, 2006



I'm under the impression that they're concerned about union members who might be republicans that reregistered for this occasion. However, it's also true that general outsider assaults worry the insiders. Let's storm the walls and make the party listen to those whom it supposedly serves!!



This is sickening. Keep fighting the good fight, Albert, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.


I have so had it with firmly entrenched politicians thinking they own the party. I say let's vote everyone out and start fresh.


ugh, i wish i were surprised. keep up the good fight, albert!


I guess they just want to keep the spoils of pay-to-play for themselves. The hell with good people like you who want to make the city a better place. Keep going at 'em, buddy.


I am shocked that members of an established political party would try to keep out new blood. Shocked, I tell you.

Here's hoping you stick it to the (Democratic, in this case) Man!


It's been my experience that sometimes (regardless of party, etc.) those in power perceive anyone who seeks to challenge them as the enemy to everything they represent.

Of course, if those in power can get the everyday voters to buy into this type of thinking, it makes it much easier to turn away those who challenge them.


Pardon my lack-of-French but Sons of Fucking Bitches!!!!!

This SHIT is what kept me out of the D-Party for 21 years of voting eligibility - and I'm not in it now due to conficence in it - I'm in it out of utter fear that they are too concerned with "popularity" to stand for ordinary people anymore and are just looking to trick Republicans into voting for them, hopintg to rape the rest ogf us into voting for them due to lack of other choices.

Now I really wish I could move across the street!

Sir Oolius

It has come to my attention that there is an organized effort to file petitions to become a Democratic committee person in many wards in the city. It is clear that this effort has been started by forces that seek to polarize and destroy this party.

LOL! This can only happen in a place that has no voters' pamphlet.

Patrick Hart

Good luck, Albert. Out of curiosity, how many elected (new) committee people would it take to make leadership changes on the city party level?


Can they (the establishment) control your vote?

If no, then they don't want you.

Unfortunately, that's local politics!


Oh the horror of *someone new* running for a democratically-elected position.

Even if Albert is out to polarize the Democratic party or legalize the clubbing of baby seals or whatever, if he meets the position's qualifications and went through the appropriate procedure to get on the ballot, there shouldn't be a problem.

How much money is the Democratic committee going to spend on this bullshit? I'm tempted to switch my registration from unaffiliated to Democrat just to vote against these types in future primaries.


Philly politics are rotten to the core. I feel sorry for you having to wallow in that muck. Keep up the fight.

The sleaze of this city makes me not want to run.


thank you everyone for all of the support!

yes, local politics is especially ugly. i didn't think it would get to the point of calling people who want to get involved in the democratic process Republicans though. and let me state publically that i have never clubbed a baby seal. other marine life [potentially endangered and not], well, nobody asked.

and let's clean up this sleaze. mop it up and ring it out.

Brian Boru

There's some deja vu here for me: my first political activity was as a 12-year old stuffing mailboxes for Joe
Clark and Richardson Dilworth in support of their effort to rid Philly of the evil republican machine that had been in power for what 75 years, 100 years?
Of course, I haven't actually lived in Phila. since 1962 so I can look on this from afar (New Orleans) with a certain bemusement.

> Even if Albert is out to polarize the
> Democratic party or legalize the clubbing
> of baby seals or whatever, if he meets
> the position's qualifications and went
> through the appropriate procedure to get
> on the ballot, there shouldn't be a
> problem.

And if 6, 12? 20? folks simultaneously go through the same procedure all at once, that doesn't reek of a problem? Doesn't merit a second look? They (you?) all got together and filed in some kind of coincidental alignment of the stars in the sky?

As for the local Democratic machine, all they're doing at this point is telling their friends that their backs are covered -- something the Democratic Party at large seems to have forgotten how to do.

Now, you'd think that that uncharacteristic (for a Donkey) behaviour would make people think of it as some kind of model, and not something worth destroying, but whatever.

If you're feeling wronged, let it all hang out. Take it to the press, who can examine just how many folks there are in this and maybe score a few interviews about all this wonderful new civic pride.


And they call this a democracy. A legitimate, upstanding citizen like yourself, wanting to do his civic duty in the face of corruption and chaos.

Keep us updated with the ballot-- it would be ridiculous, to say the least, if you weren't on it.


And why is it that the only comment siding with the Democratic machine was posted anonymously? Come on now, if you're going to defend the status quo at least have the courage to attach a name (preferably your real name) to your comment.

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