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March 24, 2006



Generally I miss living in Lancaster, but the lack of in-yer-face redneckery in Newark is refreshing. Judging by your photo, this driver is coming up from the southern end into the city on Queen Street. They had to come through some pretty diverse terrain to bring their statement and they're pretty lucky to have made it through unscathed.

Davey D

Many people I've known from the South will insist up and down that the confederate flag is not inherently racist. They argue that its just a symbol of "Southern pride" or hick pride. In my high school in Green Bay WI (which obviously is about as far from the south as you can get) the rednecks would always display it and then get mad when people accused them of promoting prejudice.

I don't get it. Can't they think of another symbol of the south that isn't associated with slavery? How bout cowboys? Or maybe just a big ole bowl of grits? Morons who display Confed flags are out to shock people. Its a bit redundant to label their flag "Redneck".

Richard Stiles

The Confederate flag is the symbol of our nation's struggle against oppression. It marks the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic and the end of our founder's experiment in freedom.

Two nations fell in that war and one of them you celibrate ever 4th of July.

Brian R.

I'm from Richmond, VA - the once capital of the Confederate Sates of America - and their battle flag that you see in that pic is a RACIST symbol! Period!

If it once meant something else those concepts have long been co-opted by media like movies and TV. Starting with one of the first feature length movies ever made, The Birth of a Nation.

The Dukes of Hazard TV show was a sad attempt at lampooning and humanizing the stars and bars. I mean on top of a car named the General Lee? Disgusting!

Now… who has the real right to say whether something is a racist symbol or not? The people whom the racism is being hurled at! It’s the people who are lynched, murdered, raped, enslaved, beaten, prevented from voting, families destroyed, jailed, etc., etc., etc. in the name of a pseudo country with a revolution for corporate domination and greed.

Black people, from my experience, can’t stand the stars and bars. White people defending anything having to do with the CSA are in serious denial. Let go. Heal. Move on.

I highly recommend Tim Tyson’s book "Blood Done Sign My Name". It really does describe the awful legacy of slavery and what it has done to the US. It also tells of people who loved all humans and worked against racism while living in its heartland.

I love the south. It's full of loving people who are as intelligent, liberal, and respect others. Fuck the Confederate Flag!

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