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March 22, 2006



you need better rumor sources. ;)
she was challenged, but I don't think ever in deep trouble. anyway, i's dotted, t's crossed...

*my* rumor sources tell me that the third guy is out, having had too few legitimate signatures. (they also say that Farnese may be less of a Clean Sweeper than a Dougherty tool, judging by those who have been working for him...)

I see that a bunch of challenges have been resolved this week. perhaps by tomorrow they'll start answering phone questions about committeefolks again? in another few weeks they'll need to be printing up some ballots...



[note: next round of rumors puts this as still up in the air, due to be heard by the state Supreme Court! no idea whether the challenge will hold...]


The Babette Josephs challenge is on appeal to the state supreme court. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. If they follow the law, I think they'll have to strike her, since she obviously didn't follow the rules that apply to everyone else. But taking an incumbent off the ballot would take a lot of guts. My guess is they'll take the easy way out and leave her on. But who knows.

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