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February 08, 2006



The Muslim world's response to cartoons is, in a word, extreme. People of color, me included, are used to offensive cartoons and provocative images. People around the world of different religions, creeds, races, genders, and beliefs have all been ridiculed, put down, made fun of. What is different here and today, is the response. Black leaders would certainly not call for the death of the offenders, nor would they incite riots and violent protest. Certainly protest, a call for dialogue, and boycott. Some Muslims are doing those things. I understand the Umma’s belief in the treatment of their symbols, what is hard to understand is their reaction to the treatment of an Umma symbol. The calmer voices are right in calling for the ‘firing’ of the editors. I think it was poor judgment given the response by the Muslim world. This was the same Umma that caused the death of several Muslims from rioting after wrongful reports of mistreatment of the Koran by Americans. Given the age of Islam, you’d expect a more mature non-violent response.


We keep seeing the media casually mentioning that "making images of Mohammed is forbidden by Islam". Sloppy reporting . . . to say the least.

This is a hoax, created by fundamentalist (extremist) imams, & unwittingly (?) perpetrated by the mainstream media.

Don't believe me?

Read this Images of Mohammed and "Forbidden Images of Mohammed-- Merely a Big Hoax? and linked articles and pictures-- then make up your own mind.

Also, consider why the media is publishing this "disinformation". Deliberatley trying to be "politically correct"-- at the expense of truth? Or-- merely sloppy reporting?

mohammed hawas

you are a misleading stupid bastard what do you know about the prophet mohammed and the holy koran . suppose some muslims are ignorant or bad does this mean that islam is bad??????????????????
you should read the holy koran and its scientific mircles which were discoverd by your own scientist . you also should read the holy sonna to know that the prophet mohammed is the greatest man has ever been created


i didn't say that muslims are ignorant nor bad nor that islam is bad.


I love all kinds of people. Including Muslims. but I hate Islam. because Islam divides people. infidel me could have a muslim friend but he would kill me without remorse for a fucking virgin in heaven over some cartoons about some prophet. If any religion causes you to harm another, people are better off worshipping the sun. So defenders of Islam, Go fuck yourself.
Please somebody start mass producing mohammed bumper stickers.


There is no God but ALLAH, Mohammed is the messenger of ALLAH.


first hi for all'
im an egyptian girl . here in egypt we have muslims and chritians and believe when i say that we treat each other as brother and sister . so, when somebody insult islam and he does not know any thing about it then he have to shut up . you cant critisize islam when you dont even read what it talks about.islam doesnt insult the women ,as some people think, and if one muslim does that it doesnt mean that all islam is bad . please im not asking you to read islam but at least dont insult it without reading it and you all have to know that alot of people dont understand islam good so if you want to know about it,know it from a trusted resource. so dont talk about it when you no nothing .(forgive me if there is grammar or vocabulary mistakes )

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