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January 24, 2006



Swann's schtick isn't playing so well outside Pittsburgh, I don't think. I discussed this with my mom and stepdad over the weekend - they distrust Swann because he's a quasi-celebrity with no real experience in much of anything.

Mark Rauterkus

With the Steelers in the Super Bowl, #88 gets a lot of buzz. He didn't list his going to the game on his 'agenda?' Weird.

Time will tell.

John Featherman

I saw Swann and Scranton in a forum in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. Other than his pro-life and pro-death penalty stances, I know very little about Swann's political platform. He's got charisma and is telegenic, but I don't know what's beneath the surface, if anything. Scranton is polished, clear about where he stands, and feisty. One's a celebrity; the other is an aristocrat.

Since I am a Republican, I am open minded and would like to hear more about the third candidate, Jim Panyard (http://www.panyard4gov.com/), who is not seeking the GOP endorsement, although some of his views on mixing politics and religion concern me (http://www.panyard4gov.com/news/index.php?fuseAction=story&archives=&ngID=9&nsID=39&PHPSESSID=e97796456a89556e29f666fb82747fb2).

John Featherman
Republican Candidate, US Senate-PA

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