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January 09, 2006



I posted about it at my pace, the American Street and in a dKos diary. EXCELLENT shots. I will never understand why every progressive Democrat in the nation isn't working overtime to support Chuck and/or Sandals. Finding out that Dean came out in support of Casey was one of my saddest political moments of 2005.


Nice pics. Wish I made it.

Stacy L Harp

Hey you forgot my pictures...:)

Go to my site and scroll....


You don't exactly look like the anti-war bunch.. maybe the klan, however.


@Taylor- Ha. Now that's funny. Maybe if you were to replace all of those anti-Santorum signs and signs asking for a separation of church and stat with burning crosses and all of those winter coats and wool hats with grand wizard regalia and if everyone was white, then, you'd have what looks like the klan.


Bob Avakian is a fucking horor! whats the difference between him a Falwell? Good grief folks think! Cult of personality leaders lead to tyrrany.

jay lassiter

check out my site for a story about this event, told from the point of view of the torpedo-alito-bandito, himself.
i love the pics on this site, but i have a few on mine as well which turned out pretty well.
as usual ACT Up stole the show.
I love those guys!

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