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December 29, 2005


Jerome Gaskins

I don't think I want my police tasting drugs or potential drugs. There is a way to test without compromising the tester. In this case, they could have just dropped some in a glass of water, since I'm pretty sure the drugs wouldn't make dough.

Racist or not, things like this happen. If it happens to you, it is imperative that you be calm as you're going thru it. Otherwise, you'll just be entertainment for the other inmates.

If the thought of being jailed really bothers you, you might try some volunteer work that gets you inside the jails so you can see what it's like. The worst part of going thru something like that is not knowing what to expect.

I once spent 3 months in the Detention Center for being accused of robbing someone who had stolen from me. I never liked sharing my private space with people, and I still don't. But you find that you can endure a lot more than you think, especially when you're sure that you're not in imminent danger.

The very idea of Bryn Mawr College being an opiate or coca distribution point is absurd. But so much about the law is aburd and paranoid...

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