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November 08, 2005



Universal Health Care means everyone is covered. Single payer is when basic care is paid for by the government. In other words, Medicare for everyone. Supplemental insurance is available from private insurers. Right now we have a backwards version of this. State governments pick up the tab when the uninsured wind up in the hospital, and instead of paying for a doctor's visit and an anti-biotic, we pay for a week in the hospital with pneumonia. Also under the present fully privitized system, we cost contain by limiting the end users access to care, not by telling hospitals that they can't charge $4.00 for an aspirin. Medicare cost contains providers, pays promptly and provides a defined set of services. It's cheaper than letting people get sick; it's cheaper than having duplicative payers; it's cheaper than having every company that offers health benefits maintaining staff to deal with administering those benefits.

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