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November 16, 2005



Actually, the Japanese didn't invent the hybrid engine. The first hybrid automobile was built by Ferdinand Porsche, father of the founder of Porsche AG, the car company. And he did it in 1899! Took a while to catch on, I guess.

And actually, I'd love a diesel hybrid. A good diesel engine is cleaner, more reliable, and more efficient than a gasoline engine.


ha! i stand corrected. i should say that they've fairly successfully mass produced it.


Absolutely. It also amazes me that hybrid technology has been the standard for diesel trains for 100 years. Everything new is old.


i was just discussing the diesel trains. a friend told me how they can go 1000 miles on 4 gallons of diesel. that's 250mpg for the non-math whizes out there.


So tell me, when I can afford it, should I buy a diesel car with an eye toward biodiesel or a hybrid????? I can't get a straight answer anywhere.

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