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October 30, 2005


Jerome Gaskins

Just once, I'd like to read how 100,000 SEPTA riders attended a TWU strike meeting and voiced their concerns.

How many of you have healthcare plans in which you do not have to pay and premiums? What would you give to be able to pay just 5% of your health plan's costs from your pay?

At the very least, some people should accompany the strikers this year on the picket lines, and tell the other side of the story: WE ALL HAVE HIGH HEALTHCARE COSTS!!!!

Somebody making $20/hr should be glad to pay some of their healthcare costs.

There's NO REASON GOOD ENOUGH to play with the working lives of 450,000 people, especially not for 3,500 people's dubious benefit.

I'm a retired union member myself. I bless my union (AFSCME, DC47, Local 2187) everyday for my continued access to good health care benefits, even though it costs me 68% of my pension each month. But TWU is not facing up to today's reality: healthcare is going to take something out of your take home pay.

Why the fuck should every damn body who uses SEPTA to get to work have to be inconvenienced and have to pay more to get to work because some sourpuss jokers don't want to join the rest of us in paying to be healthy? Why the fuck should 460,000 people be forced to stand by and watch 3,500 idiots whine about not getting their "welfare benefits" for free anymore?

This freakin opera needs some new players, as in competition...

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