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September 13, 2005


Jerome Gaskins

God, why can't you just eat a damned I-talian hoagie like everyone else south of the Verranzano and North of the Mason-Dixon?

Do you like eggs? Scrapple? Sausage? Good, there's a truck at the corner of 16th at JFK, just in from of TD Waterhouse. It's run by a couple, though I can't remember their names right now. Get there before 11am, and ask for a scrapple & egg sandwich, or sausage & egg (bacon & egg, too!) sandwich, with some onions cooked into the eggs. I worked in the building the brokerage is in (2 Penn Center) for 10 years, and that was my breakfast 3 days out of the week. I'd be disappointed if he's no longer there, but I remember there being some controversy over the vendors before I left town.

Of course, you know by now that Philly has the best food on the East Coast, right? You can walk 4 blocks in town and eat every cuisine in the world, and you don't have to dodge cabbies or messenger bikes to do it!

By the way, have you discovered Reading Terminal yet?


Italian hoagies are good. I like the one from Slack's on Snyder/Front. Oddly, I don't like any of those meats by themselves. Making a sandwich at home - I like this sandwich the best.

16/JFK is pretty out of the way of everything for me to get to for breakfast, but I do love me some vendor breakfast. I'm a ham/egg/cheeseer myself.

Philly's got some great eats, but I haven't spent enough time [nor money] here yet to crown it tops on the east coast. I spent the better part of 25 years in NY so I know most of its nooks and crannies.

And yes, I've been to Reading Terminal many many times.

Jerome Gaskins

Yeah, I don't even like pepperoni on my pizza!

One morning, take the trolley in to the 15th street station, go up the steps and thru the concourse over to 16th. If you go in to McDonalds and then out to the courtyard, then up the steps, his truck is just to your right. He starts at 6am, too, so you could be back home or at work in an hour, even from International City!

But think about it: we have Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Amoroso's breads, Tastykake's pies and cakes, Hatfield Sausages, Habbersett's Scrapple and an entire planet trying to copy the Cheesesteak (though I swear if I hear another tourist gushing about Pat's cheesewhiz steaks I'ma puke!). New york's got bagels and what, T-Bone's?

You know, the only place that's actally impressed me with food besides home was Silicon Valley back in the mid 80s: I had never seen fresher fruits and vegetables than in Lucky's supermarket. You could plant a head of lettuce and grow 10 hoagies!

When I think of all the good food I've left behind...

Do yo get into Center City much during the week? On the other side of the block, 15th between the concorse entrance and the JFK corner, there used to be a fair sized cart that sold fruit salads 'til about Halloween. The large one was maybe $2.75? I can't find a decent fruit bowl here for less that $4.50! I'm gonna die from scurvy or the lack-of-fish disease up here!


Correction, I do like pepperoni, but it's not always in there. I'm REALLY not a morning person. I'm supposed to be in the office by 7.30, I usually saunter in around 8.15 or so. But I get my shit done so they don't care. Any stops beforehand are impossible. I'm not awake until about 11am. I'm barely awake now. No, coffee does not wake me up.

Ugh, why must so many deride Pat's! I love their 'steaks and that's that. NY's got bagels and pizza - I could live off of them. I could also live off of 'steaks, cheesefries and Birch from Pats. I'm more familiar with everything in NY and it's gonna take awhile for me to be as comfortable with every cuisine here in Philly, something I'm more than happy to do - it's just gonna take time.

I've lived in Center City for the last 16 months. I'm not a big fan of vendor fruit bowls. I'm really not a big fan of fish either.


1. Kabitz is pretty good, what I would imagine a real New Yauk deli is like. Huge sandwiches (I know not to say that they're bigger than your head, but they are pretty big).

2. Cheez Whiz is not cheese and shouldn't be put anywhere near a cheesesteak. Three words for you: Pro Vo Lone.

3. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is made in St. Louis, and I think it always has been. I'm pretty sure it's "Philadelphia style" cream cheese, whatever that means. At least it's real cheese.


if i saw a sandwich bigger than my head, i'm not sure if i'd run towards it or away from it.

i like me some Whiz or prov on a 'steak. mmmmm, "cheese" - so great on fries.


Kibitz, people, Kibitz. And yes, their sandwiches are real, and they're spectacular.

frenchy lamour

What's this "honey dijon" shit.
You need Mr. Mustard, the hottest spicy brown mustard I've had.



i like the super spicy brown mustard on very dry turkey. not this delectable, juicy honey turkey.

Jerome Gaskins

Howzabout a scrapple & cheese sandwich, with copiously liberal amounts of MISTER FUCKING MUSTARD!AAAAAAAAAAAHA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA! Thanks, Frenchy, for that afternoon chuckle!

Think of it as an extended evening, Al, with a delectable supper to soothe your taste buds.

It takes large amounts of Columbian to get me moving, too, something like 22 ounces...

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