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September 22, 2005



Here is a follow up to this article that I personally undertook.

I was extremely curious on the reasons such a large city would be denied funds of this sort. Before getting caught up in the conspiracy theorists, I decided to call the DOJ.

I left a message with the CUPS point of contact on Friday. By Monday morning she had forwarded it onto Gilbert Moore and he had called me back himself.

I spoke to him and, without being able to go into details of the grant requests, he said Philadelphia’s problem is that they petitioned money for a project that was not within the scope of the grant.

The grant was for money to interoperate first responder services between surrounding areas. As an example, if Philadelphia requested money to tie EMS systems into Camden County, Bucks County and Delaware County it would have been within scope. Asking money to run wires in the Septa tunnels was NOT within scope.

So, to put it bluntly (these are my words, not Mr. Moore's) Philadelphia screwed up because they didn't pay attention to the details. It is the equivalent of being mad you didn't get a student loan when you told the bank you were going to use it to buy a car.

So, if you want to be mad at anyone, get mad at the City Council who drafted the proposal. They dropped the ball for Philadelphia.

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