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August 31, 2005



Linking/quoting you on the confession. I had no idea what he said was available. Thanks for posting it.

Jerome Gaskins

Accidentally, my ass. Does Pennsylvania have the death penalty? Maybe we can use the interstate compact to sentence him here in Texas, and get him a seat in the Express Lane!

He has the nerve to try to JUSTIFY what he did??? I wish I could be on his jury...


PA does have the death penalty. DA Abraham is more than well know for her propensity to seek it out.


Did I miss something? Is Poaches one of those smaller stature men (like, say, less than 5'2", under 100 pounds)?

I've dated one person in my life who got frustrated easily, and she once slapped me a few times during some argument we were having. Funny, how I never thought to grab her by the neck and STRANGLE her! I wonder if he really thinks there was a mitigating factor among these events.

The fact that his impulse was to put his hands around her neck (in what could not possibly have been a life-threatening situation for him) is good enough reason to make sure he never breathes free air again.

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