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August 30, 2005



C'mon down, Albert! Road trip...


Thanks Albert! I second Ruby. You're more than welcome to visit and stay here any time. Make plans to come to PodcasterCon 2006 on January 7, 2006 at UNC here in Chapel Hill.


Oh, I'd love to do this. There's a closed theater near me that I've been wanting to buy forever. This sounds like a great idea.


nonprofit theatres are great! although I don't know of any here in the city, there are at least three nonprofit movie theatres that I can think of in the Philly suburbs: the Hiway in Jenkintown, the Ambler Theatre in Ambler, and the County Theatre in Doylestown... oddly enough, they all seem to be playing the same movies. Not that you shouldn't take a road trip to Chapel Hill anyway :)

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