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July 28, 2005



Albert, thank you for correcting some of the wild assertions in this article. I think the biggest problem with WHAT in Philadelphia is just the terrible reception. I know I can't get it in my car on the expressway.

As a Tivo-influenced listener however, I can't stand the ad content of the actual broadcast of the show and generally tune in the next day to the edited version hosted at Air America Place: http://www.airamericaplace.com/archive.php?mode=show&id=5


I also have listened to AAR since its inception. Originally I came for Al Franken, but soon found that Randi Rhodes was simply incredible. Sadly, AAR decided to be greedy instead of trying to reach more listeners by signing an exclisive deal with XM over Sirius. Huge mistake on their part since with Sirius _and_ XM they were able to reach all of America. Sadly I can't hear Randi anymore from my car since WHAT has a simply horrible transmitter and my only other option is my Sirius. Air America Place is basicly the best place now...


i think gillin betrays her own biases in the article when she writes:

"In contrast to Limbaugh, who mocks his own pomposity, Franken comes across to critics as angry and not funny."

comes across as pompus and not funny to who? in my opinion limbaugh is the one who sounds really full of himself and franken regularly makes fun of himself.

i love her use of the passive voice here to express what is clearly an opinion. i'm sure there is someone out there somewhere who thinks limbaugh is mr. humbler whereas frankin is pompus, but there are no doubt other people who see things exactly the opposite way. by taking the actor out of the sentence gillin creates the impression that frankin = pompus is a universal impression. i suspect that she feels that way because it's hers.


she kept referring to critics which reminded me of how the anchors on FNC constantly use the term some people say and then spout off their opinion on things instead of reporting the news, but to see actual news you're probably not going to FNC at first click.

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