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June 22, 2005



Congrats on a great interview. I don't know PA politics other than Ed Rendell and the evil Rick Santorum but I read the whole interview because I was really impressed that you did it. If you keep this up, you just might make the Philly blog famous!


Thanks for taking a read Jim. I think that the 2006 Senate race in PA will be the spotlight race across the nation because of Sanitorium's stature in his party. And yes, this little space of mine may become famous one day - now to purchase me a nice mind control device, to eBay!

And this is a simple example of how accessible people really are. Shoot off an email to someone you'd like to interview. If you can demonstrate, one way or another, that you have an informed opinion and some general knowledge about the interviewee, s/he may very well decide to take you on. What's the worst that can happen? That they reply with an email stating "No" and I think we can all live with that. Citizen / net/grassroots journalism at its simplest.


Nice get and excellent questions. Very impressive.


Great interview, Albert! It's great to see that Joe Hoeffel took the time to answer your questions thoughtfully and honestly.

I take issue with only only two statements:

I am supporting Bob Casey for Senate because Bob is the strongest candidate to defeat Rick Santorum.

That remains to be seen, doesn't it? After all, that's what primaries are supposed to decide.

No, I won't ever be an all day blogger. How can anybody stand that?

Sure, you'll start off slowly, Congressman Hoeffel. But before you know it, you'll be obssessed with blogging, and we'll start hearing about what you eat for lunch every day!


Albert, well done. I liked the questions...and Joe's honesty. I must admist I was disappointed when he didn't run against Santorum...he put up a great fight against Arlen Specter, and I think he has great name recognition...but I know this fight is national and the DNC is sticking its hand in here. Thanks for the great reportage. We look forward to more. Cheers.


Excellent interview, Albert!

I'm glad you hooked Joe, though I was half expecting a follow-up from you on the Casey query (don't know if the format of your Q&A allowed for follow-ups, though).


Great interview. Such astute questions, and a cool subject. I'm so pleased for you. My little intern, all grown up.


Great interview!! I was hoping at least one Tim Russert- gotcha type question. I must say though, the Chessesteak question is always an important Philly question.


Hey Herkimer, who the hell are you? Back from the Vibe days? Nerve? SSN?

I can think of a few names: ldv, gp, dp, rr, jlk, hag?


Happy to do it! Bloggers, send me an email (inf[email protected]) if you want to do something similar.


Great seeing you at Drinking Liberally two nights ago. Terrific job on your interview with Joe Hoeffel. Keep slugging away. We progressives are going to knock down institutional walls for all the right reasons: because we care about each other, we are committed to our constitution, and we don't back down from the fights that must be waged.
You d'man!


Thanks Chuck. I stand beside you in this fight. And no, YOU d'man.

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