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May 08, 2005



I'm not totally in agreement with the church on birth control, but I've wondered about the logic in having people who would have sex outside of marriage (against church doctrine), but at the same time would be afraid to use a condom because the church is against it.

I'm totally with you on the life-saving aspects of condom use, but I'm not completely sure this has to do with people that are genuinely afraid of going against church teachings -- if so, then they seem to follow the teachings fairly selectively. The church teachings on celibacy outside of marriage, in my experience, are more forcefully taught than the teachings on birth control; I wonder if maybe the priorities fall in reverse in the developing world.

As far as the relationship with God being a personal one, I believe you're absolutely right, and I think if you look at the church's slow changes on certain sacramental practices (like confession), even the Catholic hierarchy seems to understand this to some degree. Maybe they'll go even further in coming years...


True, it is the position of the Church that sex outside of marriage is a no-no, but for the Church to turn their backs on those who do seems, to me, absurd and that is what they're doing. And once married and a couple is not ready or can't afford a child, shouldn't they have the option to not have one and still engage in marital intercourse?


That's what I mean when I say I'm not totally with the church on contraception -- I probably should've been more to the point.

In the end, people are free to believe what they want to, and I'd hope that people who aren't with the church on issues that really matter to them would seriously consider changing churches. It's something I personally chose to do in my early twenties.

There are a lot of things we're told as children that we outgrow. At some point we all need to believe what we believe because we choose to believe it, not because someone else told us to.

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