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May 30, 2005



guinness is really good, thick n rich those Irish really know their stuff. Coronas aint bad either.


corona? blech. and if you like guinness, try out beamish.


At the risk of sounding like an echo, I have to say that I love Newcastle as well. I think you'll like Sam Smith Nut Brown...great stuff, and hard to find.


I'm a big fan of the Amish Beer that they sell at the Foodery. It's from Lancaster (duh).


Ahhhh, Newcastle. The iced tea of beers. (I have no idea why I consider it that.) I tried some beer called "Magic Hat" the other night that absolutely rocked. For cheap beer exploration, I suggest Fox and Hound's on Tuesdays for $2 pint night. It's worthwhile.


magic hat #9 is the bane of my existence. i find it absolutely disgusting.


I daresay I like both Beamish and Guinness. Sam Smith's Oatmeal Stout is good. (Can you tell I love stouts?) I know Newcastle is good stuff, but I'm not a fan of the brown ale-- I like IPAs better.


oof, IPAs. never liked them. that taste, yuck.


IPAs are an aquired taste. You have to get used to the hops in stages.

Try a Fuller's ESB next time you are at the Foodery.

Also, make sure you have the beer at a decent temperature.

Cold beer=less flavor. Hops will dominate at lower temperature. More flavors come out as a beer warms. Which is fine if the beer is good.


Fullers is that beer from London with the red/gold label, right? I've tried it and didn't like it too much.

I like me a semi-cold beer myself.

I've always wanted to travel to Ireland to have me an unpasteurized, room temperature Guinness, I hear it's sublime.


I've had the Guinness Foreign Export which they ship to the Caribbean but not here. Awesome. I think there are a lot better stouts you can find in America though.

Check out http://beeradvocate.com

In regards to serving temps, you don't want it to be ice-cold. 40-55, depending on style, is more appropriate.


the best thing in there is the bell's. If you start going to the foodery often you may start to see a number of those beers as a little inferior. Guinness and beamish for example, seem extremely watery when you've had some serious stout, say from weyerbacher, dogfish head, three floyds, etc, etc. they just have very little flavor. whoever said corona is buying into too much marketing. it's expensive budweiser. put a lime in bud, it's the same thing, swill with a lime in it. check out ratebeer.com for ideas on what beers from the foodery are the best. beeradvocate.com is decent also although i like it less and actually keep track of what beers I've had on ratebeer.com personally.

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