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May 27, 2005



nice...I didn't know about the pdf extension, but am sure glad to have it now.

Other extensions I like:

Forecast Fox -- get the weather on your browser (with the spyware that many weather programs have)

Pagerank -- shows the google page rank of visited sites

I'm surprised you didn't mention BugMeNot, which is the BEST EXTENSION EVER, and which--if I remember correctly--you turned me on to (for those who don't know, it saves you from registering at sites that require registration, like nytimes.com, by storing usernames and passwords; with one right click, you're in).


I'm not a fan of the forecast extension, not exactly sure why though and the pagerank extension never worked for me so I stopped using it.

And BugMeNot is already on my list of firefox extensions on the right hand side. This was just a post of the latest few that I added. I'm pretty sure I posted on BugMeNot awhiles back. And yes, it totally rocks.

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