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April 01, 2005



It got me a little emotional and choked up too. I've been enjoying AAR since it came on the air (I especially liked the Sundance TV version of the Franken show leading up to the election). I haven't listened so much since November but Left of the Dial reminded me what I've been missing.

Vince F

just really geting into AAR in Philly, and love it. Can't get enough!! Was trying to find it on WHAT. Thought I did one nite, but gave up. Heard a caller say they were in the burbs and couldn't get it, like if in the city he could, so I tried it again and am geting it, though it is weak. Was thinking about geting XM but I like NPR, at least for now, since the conserves sound like they are going to HACK That up. I question everything that I hear, and hope that I won't have to question everything that NPR says. Heard they should Just have music, so I may not be listening.

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