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January 21, 2005



anna wrote:
"now I hate to be the one to say this, but this explanation of the inagural address appears to be written by an angry, over oppinionated, close minded, fowl mouth, sophmore in highschool. Next time when stating an oppinion thats intent is to express a sound view, the "explanation" should be more proffesional and less juvenile if it is expected to receive respect."

I didn't mean this to be an explanation of the inaugural address, it was my play by play commentary of it. Italicized were my comments. And yes, I am angry, over opinionated and at times, foul mouthed. But I am far from close-minded and I am well removed from high school. I did go to one of the most prestigious high schools in the nation and I graduated from college if you were trying to question my intellect.

I could have written an essay about the inaugural address, but I chose not to. Working 40+ hours a week at my "real" job does not afford me the time to do so. If someone would like to pay me for my political thoughts, feel free to do so, then, Anna, you can get your essay. I can even write it in a five paragraph, inverted pyramid style too for you to follow.

I would appreciate a more accurately typed and non-personal comment. While I don't really mind the personal remarks, they don't accomplish anything and they open the door for me to go after you on my own turf. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and I'm always open to a debate/discussion of the issues at hand, but I'm not going to sling mud just because.

So, Anna, if you'd like, please feel free to come back to have a discussion.

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