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March 10, 2006


Adam B

Daren was Joe's political director in 2004, before he joined the Trippi organization. (And I worked directly under Daren.)

This was all about Ed changing his mind. Nothing more.

I would stop trying to guess on this one. If you looked at Joe's announcement tour schedule, you would see that he was in Harrisburg the night he talked to Rendell.


yeah, I think it was Ed, and that Hoeffel has more, not less, of my sympathy after this incident. it's *Rendell* who's slipping ever lower on my decency meter...


Well I think you may have thought about this a little too hard. No, Trippi was not involved with Hoeffel. I work with Trippi doing media and political consulting, but when Joe Hoeffel asked me to play a larger role in his campaign I had to accept. He is an amazing person, so on top of my other clients, I did my best to be as full-time a campaign manager as possible.

As for Hoeffel "backing out" as you put it, I hope that everyone understands that this was not what he wanted. But because of the dynamics of this position, it would be very hard to run when your running mate, the "Hogiemeister" as you put it, changes his mind and prefer that you not be on the ballot. I hope this explains it well enough.




Yes....I typed "Hoagiemeister" too fast in my last post and spelled it wrong. I make mistakes.


there is more to this story, Darren should get off talking points and be to the point

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