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September 01, 2005




What the sodding hell is going on? I've just seen your President on Good Morning America pretty much saying that private property was more important than staying alive, juxtaposed with a woman screaming about a baby dying in the convention centre because there is no food, no milk and no water...


Thanks for the link. I hope I don't sound like a jerk. I'm not particularly suspicious of the charities or anything, but I just feel like more help may be needed down the road. I'll probably end up giving to the Humane Society, but I'm really drawn to the idea of volunteering.


A jerk? No way. Just cautious, as am I.

ol cranky

Jeepers Albert, the trackbacks are multiplying (can you delete one of mine? I don't know why it was duplicated).


Keep in mind that in huge and unmanaged disasters like this, untrained volunteers can be in the way more than helpful. At some later point, it will take tons of manpower to clear the debris and help people rebuild, but right now the acute need is for organizations who know what they're doing to get basic supplies to thousands of stranded refugees before it's too late. For that effort, every dollar today is critical.

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