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September 02, 2005



I think you can't have been out of the country in the last 6 months too. I didn't have a chance to look at the guidelines, but a guy I work with wanted to donate and because he had spent a semester abroad recently, he was turned away.

My one concern right now is storage. Where will they keep it and how will they transport it? I've never donated blood - I've been terrified before, but I think if it helps, then it is an excellent idea.


Yes, there are also travel restrictions. Travel to 'high risk' areas of contamination or disease - things that may not have physical signs for several months - rules you out.

I gave blood in high school and I think again in college. I'm ashamed of not doing so more often. I recall being turned away one time for my temperature being .5 too high - I think it was because I went to donate [during HS] after gym class.

Don't be nervous! It's a great civic action that promotes more. Walking around with that gauze and medical tape over your arm will start a discussion with people and you can easily tell them to do the same.


The Red Cross called me late last night to give blood this weekend. There are drives all over the place. I think there's a drive locator on the Red Cross website.


unfortunately, "healthy" also means you can't be a man who has sex with other men. It's a fucking backwards policy of the ARC. my college had banned the ARC from doing blood drives on campus because of their homophobic policies, which i always thought was misguided. i mean, who loses out in the long run? the people who need the blood, not the administrative homophobes. in any case, if you disapprove of the ARC's policy, as i do, please let them know-- but don't let it stop you from donating blood.

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